Welcome To Golden 7 Tattoo

20150218_115427Welcome to Golden 7 Tattoos located at the heart of Long Island in Deer Park, NY. Golden 7 Tattoo was established in 1999 and has recently moved to the Deer Park, NY area. Our friendly tattoo shop has been a cornerstone of Long Island tattoos and culture for over 10 years. Our tattoo artists are some of the most talented in the New York area and have tattooed  all over the world.

We have a variety of talented New York Tattoo artists who can help you design the perfect tattoo! Custom tattoos are our specialty. If you can’t find what your looking for go ahead and give us a call! We have artists waiting who would be glad to help you create the perfect tattoo! We also have a huge selection of tattoo  flash art  to choose from or base an idea off of… Come on down to Golden 7 tattoos, located in Deer Park, NY and have a look for yourself. Even if you are just browsing around to get ideas, Golden 7 Tattoo is the perfect place to come and start researching your design. The expert advice from our world-class tattoo artists will get you on the right track for your tattoo. If you have any questions at all or would like to book an appointment please feel free to give us a call at 631-940-7911


OPEN: Monday – Saturday 12pm – 10pm & Sunday 12pm – 7pm


We are located on Deer Park Ave, right by Long Island ave on the west side.

With all of the tattoo shops and artists in New York, Golden 7 Tattoo is considered one of the premier tattoo shops on Long Island. We are looking forward to having you come down!

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